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Enterprise Carpool
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Testimonial:Pool My Ride

George David
FNH, Washington DC
This application helps me a lot, I can choose comfortable option to get lift where we I need. No bugs, good interface.Best platform provided by Pool my ride where in public transport is not so good. Very useful and convenient app for car owners and travellers. Lots of improvement has happened recently. looking forward for many more fatastic rides. Thank you Pool my ride.You made travelling enjoyable.
Testimonial:Pool My Ride

Jitendra Bansal
Sapient, Noida
Like It! The app helps me a lot to find better ways of traveling spending less money . Pool My Ride is great! Helpful, easy to use and safe. Great conversations and meeting awesome people on the way. Happy to have found this app.
Testimonial:Pool My Ride

Emily Rose
IBM, New York
Excellent app. Much cheaper than taxis or other ride shares since they're going there anyway and you're just helping with the expenses. Pool My Ride came up with a nice concept.. I used it first time and really appreciate this.. comfortable and hassle free rides.. some are bit expensive but it's worth if it saves your time and efforts..
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